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The Lenape Stone or The Indian and the Mammoth



By H. C. Mercer, 1885
In the spring of 1872, eight years after the discovery of the famous mammoth carving in the cave of La Madleine, Perigord, France, Barnard Hansell, a young farmer, while plowing on his father’s farm, four miles and a half east of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, saw, to use his own words, a “queer stone.” By wetting his thumb and rubbing it he could see strange lines and a carving representing an animal like an elephant, but without troubling his boyish head much about it, he carried it several days in his pocket, and finally locked it up in his chest until the spring of 1881 when it was purchased and eventually viewed by Bucks County Historian Captain J. S. Bailey, who first called serious attention to this find.
Softcover, illustrated, 95 pgs.