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The Day Behemoth & Leviathon Died: Earth Disaster



By David Allen Deal
Two Past Catastrophes:
The First Killed the Dinosaurs – Rifted the Continents, then Flooded the Earth
The Second Only Flooded the Earth
Read the latest analysis of professionally-gathered evidence that supports these contentions. See new photos of the remains of the Ark of Noah on a mountain in the region of Ararat (Urartu) in eastern Turkey near the Iranian border. Read of the 1997 discovery of Noah’s long-lost city of Mesha-Naxuan, within a mile from the ark-remains, right where Berosus and Moses of Chronensis claimed it was, Mt. Judi. Find out why the Bible stands in complete accord with geological evidence, long regarded by American academics as incompatible. All of this and more on the impossible state religion of evolution in the new 320 page fully illustrated book 20 years in making.
Softcover, illustrated, 320 pgs.