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Help Fund the Search for the Lost City of Zarahemla

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City Of Zarahemla

The whole world needs to see Zarahemla. We are fortunate to know that the most likely place for the location of this great city is across the river from Nauvoo. It is not under the streets of Chicago but is in the ground under farmlands that are easy to scan.

Join the latter-day heroes and become a charter member for this project to scan 10,000 acres. Do it now and you will have the right to tell your great-grandchildren that you took part in the discovery of Zarahemla. Let’s show the world that the great city of the Book of Mormon is part of the ancient world.

Let’s start the search for Zarahemla today!

Your thoughtful one time,  or monthly donation will help us find and share the knowledge of this ancient city with the world.

Your contribution will make it possible to use military-grade drones and ground-breaking scanning technologies to create digital maps of the most important city in the Book of Mormon.