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Book of Mormon Geography – Where Did it Happen?

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Where did “The Book of Mormon” events happen?

“Why are there thousands upon thousands of Native American archeological sites found in Eastern United States that fit the timeline of both the Jaredite and the Nephite nations?”

I respect our Native Americans’ oral traditions and history. And I feel there are still many secrets of life that lay hidden in these legends and oral histories. We know that modern day Archeologists have just begun to scratch the surface of what is yet to be found.

In Ohio alone there are recorded over 10,000 mounds identified by early historians and anthropologists. Each carefully recorded artifact or mound brings to life something new of an earlier civilization or story. I sincerely respect our Native Americans’ oral traditions and history. Learn how oral traditions and history of Native Americans align with Book of Mormon stories in my THIS LAND series of books.

Being the publisher of Ancient American Magazine for over twenty years has brought to light many unknown facts that naturally fit with “The Book of Mormon”. Just consider for a moment really uncovering something hidden from history, not the usual arrow heads and pottery that every other person before you has seen. This is one of the reasons that I have this site.

Also, I could not tell you enough how I support Joseph Smith Jr. and the early founders of the Church as I live and bring my experiences to you. I hope it is plainly written and portrayed by my works, sites, books and magazines. Hopefully you will learn what I have found.

From my notes and books I want you to pay particular attention to archeological data that identifies two main groups of people. In North America there are the Adena and the Hopewell people whose timelines parallel those of the “Book of Mormon” Jaredite and Nephite people. Read what archeologists have repeatedly said, it’s not new data or new historical facts. The archeological and cultural information has always been in plain sight. You’ll find objective evidence of “The Book of Mormon” through my THIS LAND, multi-book series. Start reading about the geography, names, places and events, that relate to modern day and Book of Mormon scripture.

New pieces of evidence from the THIS LAND series of books will give you new insight into the Book of Mormon. It is hard to “prove” many archaeological finds. However, matching and similar finds create parallels that can be demonstrated when comparing the Ohio and Illinois Hopewell Culture with the Nephite Culture of the Book of Mormon time-line.

It is unlikely we will ever be able to pick up an artifact, turn it over, and have it stamped “Made in Zarahemla.” I learned from gathering archeological data for 30 years that the scientific community is very hard on artifacts that have no provenance. In other words, if the artifact is not found by a professional, under controlled conditions, the artifact is always looked upon with doubt as to its authenticity. This country was cleared by pioneers and settlers trying to hack out a living and as they broke the ground with their plows, picks and shovels, many artifacts were revealed. The vast majority of the artifacts in circulation today were found just this way, by pioneers and settlers.

I will make you a promise, as you carefully sift through as much North American archeological material as possible and ponder it, you will get a deeper insight into Book of Mormon history and its North American setting, than from anything else. Please contact me if you have any questions about material that are not clear to you on these web pages or in the THIS LAND books.

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